“A giant yeast explosion” – saving on homemade English muffins & laundry!

Let me begin this post with an apology. I’m all over the map today so there’s no guarantee that everything I say will be in order, but hopefully it will still make sense. First off, this weekend has been spent doing many many loads of laundry. Our apartment complex likes to do a free laundry weekend on or near Valentines day to say “we appreciate you”. Well you know what, I REALLY appreciate them for doing it!!! and I totally took advantage of it. Everyone’s Continue reading →

You have the power to save on power – Save 20% on your energy bill in Connecticut

I’ve developed an intense desire to save money.  There’s nothing I dislike more than spending more money on something that I could get more affordably.  In some cases you pay more for quality or a level of service.  Other times it is hard to figure out WHY the bill is higher.  Lets talk about power. Energy is big business.  Wind, oil, electricity, gas, and nuclear energy brings in billions of dollars for huge corporations.  Millions of people make a good living off this.  There’s nothing Continue reading →

The WORLD’s BEST personal finance blogs – Read these and maximize your life

I love browsing the web searching for other smart, disciplined people.  I enjoy finding blogs written by individuals or organizations that have a unique perspective and give great insights on personal finance.  Help a brotha out and I got you.  You save me money or give me ideas to maximize my lifestyle, I’ll shout you out.  Without further ado… THE WORLD’S BEST PERSONAL FINANCE BLOGS – ACCORDING TO DAD Mr. Money Mustache – Who would have known that riding a bike and showing an insane Continue reading →

The government just gave me money, what should I do with my tax refund?

How’d we do this year – 2014 Tax Refund Uncle Sam will be depositing roughly $6,000 into our family checking account.  Yeah baby, 6 large.  6 thousand greenbacks.  6 grand.  Ours?  Yes!  Why?  Well, the answer is a combination of 2 things. Whenever I (disciplined DAD) got a bonus at work I got taxed like Donald Trump. We’ve got 2 rental properties that are upside down and our rent doesn’t come close to covering the mortgage and expenses. How does our tax refund compare? When Continue reading →

All you can eat…for less. AKA Cutting your grocery bill in half

I remember a time when we’d spend $150-$200 a week on groceries. That’s $600-$800 a month. Today, we LOVE saving. Our monthly grocery budget is now only $350.  We don’t eat caviar, but we still eat well! Tips on cutting your grocery bills in half: Go through your local circulars looking for the best deals.  Don’t be lazy.  Do it.  A lot of the supermarkets here do Buy 1 Get 1 or Buy 1 Get 2 or 10 for $10 deals.  Beware, just because it’s Continue reading →

Family Fun at the Big Y Kids Fair – We met Daniel Tiger

When you have a 3 year old finding family friendly, affordable things to do is not easy. There are some things we’ve really enjoyed, like the Ringling Brothers Circus and Sesame Street live. However, those things can cost you $100+ when you consider tickets, parking, vending, and toys. Today we enjoyed the Big Y Kids Fair in Hartford and spent less than $20 total! Top 7 Family Fun experiences at the Big Y Kids Fair – AKA “WHY ALEX LOVED IT!” (1) Alex became a Continue reading →

Meet MOM – The Queen of our frugal family

After 37 posts from DAD, I figured I’d throw one in. I guess I’ll be the one to talk about the family life. I’ll post about things we do, like arts, crafts, activities, and our adventures.  I’ll share tips and insights that keeps our family frugal and full of love. About MOM – Queen of our Frugal Family I’m a stay at home mom, thanks to my hardworking husband. As you have already heard from DAD, our income was severely cut about a year and Continue reading →

Get your mind and money right – Top FREE personal finance apps

Ever log on to your bank account and think to yourself, ‘where did all my money go?!’  I have.  It’s like a punch to the gut.  You work so hard for your money and then it disappears. I had no clue and no discipline the first 35 years of my life.  I was an ignorant fool.  18 months ago, I got serious about my life and finances.  Getting serious about our family finances and my personal finance started with understanding how much money I really Continue reading →

Prime Time TV & Movies without the costs of cable…yes please!

I LOVED Dish Network.  The service was great, but I didn’t love the price.  Spending $120 a month is no bueno, but I did it for years.  Then we switched to DirecTV.  We loved it too, got the NFL package, and got our bill down to about $100.  Oddly enough on both we had hundreds of channels and often found ourselves unable to find programs we liked.  Worse we were paying SO much money for FREE entertainment.  Between local over the air channels and shows Continue reading →

stop picking your nose…and start developing good habits!

Odds are your parents taught you at a young age not to pick your nose.  If not and you still pick it, you are gross.  That should be your first priority.  Stop picking your nose….NOW. There were lots of bad habits I developed in my youth that no one ever broke me out of. Those included: Drinking soda…all the time…like 6 glasses a day. Avoiding vegetables at all costs.  To me ketchup was a vegetable and if I had some french fries and dipped them Continue reading →